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  • guests and Ana & Alex in the Palatinate © Lucie Greiner guests and Ana & Alex in the Palatinate © Lucie Greiner

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    Standing on the shell limestone of oceans that have since aeons disappeared, you feel the granite and gneiss weathering under your feet. The acidic taste of apple, peach, and lemon gently dissolves with a green-yellow shimmer into the depths of the ruby-garnet red of blackberry, elderberry, and pepper, uniting worlds of taste that could not be more different. The variations of this tour are endless, as are the stories of its heroes and mystical spirits.

    WineStreet provides custom and private tours upon request in the regions of Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, and Rhineland-Palatinate. We'll work with you to find an available schedule with a price that suits you and the experience you're looking for.

    Included in your tour

    Drinking Responsibly

    As the name Wine Tours suggests, you'll be drinking quite a bit of wine throughout the day. We encourage you to also drink some water alongside it, and to not drive or take part in activities that require your full attention after we drop you off back in Heidelberg. Listen to your body, and pay special attention if you are taking medication, are pregnant or are planning to be, struggling or recovering from alcohol addiction, or any medical conditions that might prevent you from drinking alcohol.

    We hope you enjoy the wines on our tours in a responsible way.

    We take the current pandemic situation seriously, and we have implemented policies to address it and ensure your journey with us is as safe as can be.

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    guests on tour in the Palatinate © Diana Weidmann
    Map of Bergstrasse and Weinstrasse © WineStreet Map of Bergstrasse and Weinstrasse © WineStreet

    In the heart
    of the wine regions
    of the German southwest

    Germany, a cool-climate wine country, is one of the northernmost wine-growing areas in the world. The exception lies in the Baden region, which is classified as a milder climate zone. As an Old World country, the vineyards are generally small and family-run. Winemaking still takes a traditional, craft preference over industry wines, with many small production batches that are sometimes hard to find. Local winegrowers owe the possibility for wine cultivation mostly to the Gulf Stream, with mild winters, sufficient rainfall, and a warm and balanced climate.

    Eleven of the thirteen official German winegrowing regions are located in the German Southwest, apart from the Saale-Unstrut and Saxony regions. WineStreet is perfectly located in the centre of these areas and can reach Baden, Württemberg, the Hessian Bergstrasse, and the Palatinate in quite a short time.

    The rich history of the federal states of Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Saarland bears witness to an eventful past. Monasteries and cathedral buildings signal the power of the church, Tübingen and Heidelberg offer the oldest universities in Germany, Mannheim and Ludwigsburg flash their baroque castles and Schwetzingen its beautiful "Little Versailles". The origins of the German democracy movement can be traced to Hambach Castle, in the Schlossberg mountain. The chimneys and industrial character of Mannheim and Ludwigshafen bring with them a fresh subculture and fantastic city parks. And let's not forget the world-famous Black Forest (cuckooooo), the legendary Odenwald, and the Palatinate Forest, which forms the largest forest area in Germany and, since 1998, the cross-border UNESCO Palatinate Forest-North Vosges Biosphere Reserve. What more could you wish for?

    The strength of the cultural landscape in south-west Germany lies in its breadth of offers and the good and reliable partnerships with the municipalities and regions in the provinces. There are plenty of local partnerships that keep the culture alive, and it can be proudly stated that many citizens actively take part in shaping it. Art and culture are an integral part of social cohesion and are actively celebrated with a full calendar of events throughout the year.

    close-up of hands with a grape bunch © Lucie Greiner

    Supporting our community and nature

    With every tour, we give a little bit back to local initiatives. Included in the price for every guest, is a €2 sustainability fee:


    What our Guests are saying

    I like to drink good wine, but I had never learned about cultivation before. The full day tour was incredibly exciting and very tasty.

    — Robert S • Hamburg

    Was a pleasure, thanks! Especially love the contagious, fun and humorous hosting. Keep it up!

    — Tuomas S • Berlin

    Couldn't have thought of a better way to spend my weekend in Heidelberg. Everything was perfect, from the wines to the weather. Compliments to the guide!

    — Carsten H • Dresden

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