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  • guests drinking red wine / red leaf vines at Kloster Eberbach © Diana Weidmann guests drinking red wine / red leaf vines at Kloster Eberbach © Diana Weidmann

    A Half Day Tour that
    will leave you wanting more

    Tuesday to Sunday 8:30am–1:30pm
    €155.00 per Guest
    2–8 Guests per Tour

    A short burst of freshness with an intense aromatic experience, full orchard fruits dipped in jasmine and honeycomb, and a hint of petroleum. The sweet taste of this tour counteracts the acidity of the grounds, paired perfectly with some spicy tales of local provenance.

    Join us for a taste of some of the best local wines along Bergstraße, with vineyards overlooking the Rhine Valley from young and progressive winemakers. We have our first sprinkle at a castle viewpoint and our final inspirational sip back in Heidelberg at the Philosopher's Path.

    Included in your tour

    Drinking Responsibly

    As the name Wine Tours suggests, you'll be drinking quite a bit of wine throughout the day. We encourage you to also drink some water alongside it, and to not drive or take part in activities that require your full attention after we drop you off back in Heidelberg. Listen to your body, and pay special attention if you are taking medication, are pregnant or are planning to be, struggling or recovering from alcohol addiction, or any medical conditions that might prevent you from drinking alcohol.

    We hope you enjoy the wines on our tours in a responsible way.

    We take the current pandemic situation seriously, and we have implemented policies to address it and ensure your journey with us is as safe as can be.

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    guests drinking wine / picnic table overlooking vineyards in Bergstrasse / Strahlenburg castle © WineStreet
    Map of Bergstrasse © WineStreet Map of Bergstrasse © WineStreet

    The beautiful hills of Bergstraße

    Travelling along the Bergstraße in April 1766, Emperor Joseph II supposedly rejoiced: "This is where Germany starts to feel like Italy". The mild climate along the Hessian Bergstraße comes from the Odelwald, which protects the region from the cold north and east winds. With about 470 hectares, this is the smallest and most exciting wine-growing area in Germany, surrounded by the rivers Neckar, Rhine, and Main. Riesling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Müller-Thurgau, and Pinot Blanc grape varieties especially thrive here because of the fertile loess and the slightly warming drifting sand soil.

    The Romans also left their mark in earlier times, when the mountain path was used as a trade and military route. As they paved their way north through the "Strata Montana", they brought vines to plant along the slopes, introducing viticulture throughout the region and the rest of Germany. Carrying the wine in heavy amphorae was not ideal and, as we know, no Roman marched without his vino.

    But there is a lot more to see in the Riviera of Germany. The hiking trail known as the Bergsträßer Burgensteig hugs the mountains for 120 kilometres, with one castle after another visible from Darmstadt to Heidelberg. The Mediterranean flora along the Bergstraße is particularly famous for its almond trees, that bloom as early as March. There are also fantastic views of the Rhine valley, and many good wineries, broom taverns, and restaurants where you can sip the most exquisite wines.

    Culturally, this region has a lot to offer. International film sets, art galleries, music festivals, drama and variety shows, and much more give you plenty of options along the Bergstraße. Events such as the Neckar Music Festival and the Bensheim-Auerbach International Summer Festival are just two examples of the lively and varied cultural scene that happens all year round.

    close-up of hands with a grape bunch © Lucie Greiner

    Supporting our community and nature

    With every tour, we give a little bit back to local initiatives. Included in the price for every guest, is a €2 sustainability fee:

    What our Guests are saying

    I like to drink good wine, but I had never learned about cultivation before. The full day tour was incredibly exciting and very tasty.

    — Robert S • Hamburg

    Was a pleasure, thanks! Especially love the contagious, fun and humorous hosting. Keep it up!

    — Tuomas S • Berlin

    Couldn't have thought of a better way to spend my weekend in Heidelberg. Everything was perfect, from the wines to the weather. Compliments to the guide!

    — Carsten H • Dresden

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