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  • guests drinking and overlooking vineyards in the Palatinate © Diana Weidmann guests drinking and overlooking vineyards in the Palatinate © Diana Weidmann

    A full day tour
    to fill your heart

    Tuesday to Sunday 8:30am–6:30pm
    €235.00 per Guest
    2–8 Guests per Tour

    A full-on punchy but charming experience, carefully fermented to a bubbly ecstasy. Hints of peachy peat linger in the air, combined with earthy tones of mushrooms and berries. A colourful friendliness rounds up the brute core, to provide a day-long hearty journey.

    A whole day's journey through the beautiful Mittelhaardt countryside of the Rhineland-Palatinate, with vineyards overlooking this famous wine region. We start our day with an organic tea tasting, followed by the first sip of wine close to a salt spa and a hearty lunch to keep you going through the afternoon's tasting of award-winning wines.

    Included in your tour

    Drinking Responsibly

    As the name Wine Tours suggests, you'll be drinking quite a bit of wine throughout the day. We encourage you to also drink some water alongside it, and to not drive or take part in activities that require your full attention after we drop you off back in Heidelberg. Listen to your body, and pay special attention if you are taking medication, are pregnant or are planning to be, struggling or recovering from alcohol addiction, or any medical conditions that might prevent you from drinking alcohol.

    We hope you enjoy the wines on our tours in a responsible way.

    We take the current pandemic situation seriously, and we have implemented policies to address it and ensure your journey with us is as safe as can be.

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    guests in the Palatinate © WineStreet
    Map of Weinstrasse © WineStreet Map of Weinstrasse © WineStreet

    Along the slopes
    of the Palatinate Forest

    "Golden Palatinate—God's Marmelade". The Palatinate, with its 23 600 hectares, is the second-largest wine-growing area in Germany. Every third bottle of german wine sold comes from this region. The cultivation area is divided between the northern Mittelhaardt-Deutsche Weinstraße and the southern Südliche Weinstraße regions, hugging the slopes of the Palatinate Forest into the french Alsace region.

    The sun shines year-round, allowing some of the best wines in the world to thrive here on a mixture of red sandstone, calcareous loam, and clay soils. Rieslings fully benefit from the late autumn sun, as a slow-maturing grape variety. Dornfelder, Müller-Thurgau, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Silvaner are also at home here. The Mediterranean climate means it's not unusual to see palm, kiwi, and fig trees along the streets, inviting you to relax with another Schorle.

    The rich early past can only be described as a melting pot of cultures, with Celts, Romans, and Alemannians quickly mingling and succeeding one another. Already in the middle/later Bronze Age, there's evidence of cultivated land and technical-artistic activities. Around 50 BCE, the Romans brought the expansion of their empire, and with it, their love of wine. The Roman Weilberg Winery in Bad Dürkheim-Ungstein and the Villa Rustica in Wachenheim stand as silent witnesses to the era. From the medieval period, several castles are found along the Palatinate Forest, including the famous 11th-13th century mansions of the Salians and Staufers. The density of castles in the Palatinate is indeed the highest in Germany. Most of them fell victim to the Thirty Years' War and the Palatinate War of Succession. Of strategic importance in older times, today the castles offer a feast for the eyes of visitors, with wide views of the surrounding countryside.

    The cultural landscape of the Palatinate is rich and varied, just like the terroirs of the wine region. Numerous wine festivals take place throughout the year, with the traditional highlight of electing the Palatinate Wine Queen. Beyond wine, a flourishing theatre, music, and exhibition programmes delight local and international visitors alike. The proximity to Alsace, the abundant tourism, and extensive wine traditions underline the joy of those who live here.

    close-up of hands with a grape bunch © Lucie Greiner

    Supporting our community and nature

    With every tour, we give a little bit back to local initiatives. Included in the price for every guest, is a €2 sustainability fee:

    What our Guests are saying

    I like to drink good wine, but I had never learned about cultivation before. The full day tour was incredibly exciting and very tasty.

    — Robert S • Hamburg

    Was a pleasure, thanks! Especially love the contagious, fun and humorous hosting. Keep it up!

    — Tuomas S • Berlin

    Couldn't have thought of a better way to spend my weekend in Heidelberg. Everything was perfect, from the wines to the weather. Compliments to the guide!

    — Carsten H • Dresden

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