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    Tour Bookings

    Our tours use FareHarbor as a booking agent. When you book a tour with us, you will be taken to FareHarbor’s booking and payment process.



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    A special thank you

    We would also like to thank the following people for helping us with a little extra fairy dust throughout the process of starting this adventure.

    Sebastian Wieland • Mia Karschunke • Robert Sperling • Felix Watzka • Lea Schell • Christoph Ziegler • Jochen Stange • Beate Kielbassa • Dr. Michael Ochse • Dirk Gogsch • Kristina Blaha-Brouwer • Jan Eilers • Carsten Herold • Vincent Eymann • Lucie Greiner • Christoph Leser • Urs Rauscher • Annika Stemmler • Birk Frederik Bauer • Oliver Schmahl • Annelie Bührle • Meike Haagman • Björn Hörnle • Cecil Krähling • Simone Jacobs • Hanli Fourie • Jan & Eva van Meegern • Hannah Kilian • David Wittig • Isabell Fringer • Patrick Kohl • Ciáran Duffy • Roy van der Rojien • Andrej Balaz • Carolin Wittek — Many lovely thanks!