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  • Keeping you safe in Corona times

    Our business relies on bringing small groups of people together, in a safe and enjoyable environment. The ongoing Corona pandemic has made us reevaluate how we can do that for our guests, in a time where concerns for hygiene and social distancing seem counter-intuitive to sharing a tour with strangers.

    We’ve taken extra precautions to make sure you continue to feel safe, properly taken care of, and well informed about our COVID-19 protocols throughout our tours. Below you can find a list of things to consider before joining our tours. If you have any concerns that are not addressed below, don’t hesitate to contact us.


    COVID-19 Protocols for WineStreet

    • Where possible, transaction methods are done digitally via an online booking and payment system.
    • We promote health screening measures for our employees and isolate workers with possible Covid-19 symptoms.
    • We have a set of procedures should any guest or employee be diagnosed with Covid-19, including:
      — an Emergency Plan (also for general purposes and other unforeseen events on tour);
      Isolation of the passenger concerned — any contact with other passengers and the driving staff must be avoided;
      Contact with the Federal Police, who will discuss the next steps with the driver and the company.
    • You are asked to wear a mask or mouth and nose covering at all times while inside the van or any other enclosed location.
    • We provide you with hand sanitiser throughout the tour, and ask you to disinfect your hands on regular intervals.
    • Each guest gets one bag with one wine glass and one water bottle throughout the tour, all individually marked so you can easily recognise your own.
    • We have toothpicks to use on our food platters, so you can avoid using your hands.
    • We use portable food and drink containers that are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after every tour.
    • Good ventilation throughout the tour to allow air flow inside the vehicle.
    • If you need to cough or sneeze, please do so with your nose and mouth covered (with a mask or your elbow) and away from others.We clean the the van and all tour items thoroughly on a daily basis.
    • We only travel to regions and institutions that have been approved by the relevant authorities.


    We keep a daily eye on the regulations and recommendations of the Robert-Koch Institut and other legal entities in Germany, along with the regional guidance in the provinces in which we operate. We update the protocols above based on this information. We ask for your understanding if this may sometimes affect scheduling of our tours.

    We also take care that all our suppliers adhere to the same standards we have put in place, and we ask you to respect any additional requests from them when we visit their facilities. We are, after all, their guests 🙂


    The current situation in Heidelberg

    Since our tours always start from Heidelberg, we advise you to check the website of the city of Heidelberg to find out how many groups are possible and how they can be mixed.

    And because our tours also visit the federal states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse, we advise you to also check the restriction of these federal states on their respective websites.

    In the current situation, due to the maximum number of 8 people and our safety protocols, we are happy to offer our tours as usual. Our small group concept is perfect for a family tour, couples, or people in the same support bubbles. We look forward to taking you on an adventure.