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    So it’s been a little while… Three months went by in a rush, and so much work needed doing that a few things got left behind. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t kept track of it all.

    Most of this work has happened behind the scenes, as after 8 months we made enough money to cover what we first invested, and promptly spent it again to help us grow in new directions.

    We’ve continued with our online Slurp Sessions, and have gained a few returning customers for our wine packages. Our online bookings have naturally started becoming less as the sun shines outside and people can meet each other again in person. Which is why we have been planning the return to our original thought: let’s bring you out to the vineyards for a taste of the best wines in the German Southwest. Our electric van is on the way, and we’re hoping to announce the opening of our tours very soon (finally!! 🚐 🌳 🍷). We’ll keep you posted on that 😉

    We also wrote an addendum to our contracts, so both our Salaries get delayed until October, one year after we started. This gives us a little leeway to keep investing in the company, as we both do side hustles to pay our bills. And it also means we can start paying for three new team members that will join us as part-time freelancers from June onwards. We’ll introduce you to them very shortly!

    Back in April, we took part in the New Mittelstand Summit 2021, talking about our pending B-Corp membership, and were once again pleasantly surprised by the community that surrounds this movement. We’ve also been exploring potential new partnerships, both in wines and non-alcoholic alternatives, to keep us refreshed year-round, but also in other aspects of our business, including what a circular economy means for what we do and how our partners integrate into this cycle.

    But of course, having the Pandemic and its restrictions last for so long has also affected us. So we have also been busy trying to get support where we can, whether governmental financial aid, sustainable awards, or grants to revitalise tourism. A little financial help is always welcome, despite our business plans not counting on it.

    And finally, as we’ve both been working solidly on WineStreet for about a year now, we decided we could both do with a little break. So we took April to spend some much-needed time with friends and family, both at home and abroad, and get some renewed energy to invest back into our dream company (and possibly our first wine festival?… 🍇 🎉 🍾).

    There are plenty of good things to come in the next few months, and we are definitely excited to bring the tours back on the offering table. For now, here are the numbers from the last three months.

    Status Report 2021 Mar

    Status Report 2021 Apr  Status Report 2021 May

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