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  • Where the money goes #3 . Jan 2021

    New year, new beginnings!

    January started a little slow on the sales front. That isn’t a surprise. As people recover from the year’s end festivities, promise themselves a dry January, and go a little slower on the purchases extravaganzas of Christmas time, we were expecting a more quiet month.

    But we have been pretty active in other parts of our company. As part of our commitment to doing business in a sustainable way, we finally decided to join the B-Corp movement. This is why, this month, the majority of our money went towards the Sustainability Fund. We are not accredited yet—that will take a year of us being in business, so we can prove we are indeed sustainable. But it’s the start of a journey alongside like-minded businesses all striving for a common goal.

    We’re also looking into expanding our partnerships, as well as our offerings. We’ve been having chats with new potential suppliers and looking for talented people to join us on our operations. We’re developing educational tours for schools and looking into an expansion of our Slurp Sessions that consider different topics, groups, and interactivity.

    The proof will take a few months to come, we know, but the fermentation process is already underway 😉

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