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  • Where the money goes #2 . Dec 2020

    This one comes a little late. The end of the year came with barely little time to rest before we had to adapt to a new way of doing things. And even though we did our best to prepare ourselves for the new year, a lot of organisational changes had to be made before we found our rhythm again.
    All in all, December was a good month. We improved our Slurp Sessions according to feedback, and our guests seemed pretty happy with them. Some even came back to ask us to send some more of our delicious wines.

    We also had to learn about international export and what restrictions we’re facing with wine. It wasn’t the great news we were hoping for, especially inside the European Union, and it will take a little bit of work we are internationally fit. But we’re working on it. This explains the almost half of expenses going to Drinks and Food.

    The other big chunk of money this month went to Legal & Finance. As we set up our company in October and complied with all the regulations and necessities of running a UG, we eventually saw the bills coming in. But we are now fully operational, including having our own wise and friendly Accountants.

    All in all, we are happy the year didn’t end too bad!

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