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  • Where the money goes #1 . Nov 2020

    WineStreet chose openness as one of its values, and with that in mind we decided to share some details about where our money goes. Every month we’ll publish an update on the ins and outs of our financial details, along with some key numbers about what we’re up to.

    We discussed if this approach would be the right thing to do, to open ourselves up so much, and if we might not be shooting ourselves in the foot by sharing such information. We weighed the pros and cons, sought out examples from others who take a similar approach, and designed what we believe to be a concise round up of our activities.

    This serves two purposes. Firstly, we can share with you what we spend money on, and give you a better understanding of what goes into pricing the tours that we offer. Secondly, it keeps us accountable for the impact that we have—with our customers, our partners, and ourselves.

    Status Report November 2020

    It is likely that the first few months will show a negative impact on our financials. This isn’t failure. This is simply the beginning of growing a business. Month by month, the numbers will grow, and these reports will serve as the ongoing story of that growth.

    We gladly share this story with you.

    Eymann sitting on his tractor © Lucie Greiner
    01 December 2020 Introducing

    Vincent Eymann — The Blues Man with the Grapes

    Two people sitting in a balcony having wine © Diana Weidmann
    15 October 2020 Thoughts

    Wine in the times of Corona

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