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    We are Alex and Ana. Together, we are WineStreet, and we are now finally ready to share with you what we’ve been working on.

    We know the power of a good story. We know the joy of sharing that story over a glass of wine with friendly faces. And we know the pleasure of going somewhere new, discovering something not yet seen. By combining the above, we’ve turned our longing for a kinder future into wine tours based around sustainable practices. A future of friendly and small-scale experiences, that inspire, educate, and enable a better connection between people and nature.

    With daily tours out of Heidelberg, WineStreet brings you a taste of some of the best organic, biodynamic, and natural wines around Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Baden-Württemberg. Our tours are personal, authentic, and sprinkled with delicious sips of knowledge about the surrounding regions, all told with a bit of tipsy fun.

    As for the pandemic, we’re taking it in our stride. The line is fine, between bravery and idiocy, and it is scary to open a business when so many others are struggling. But we see it also as an opportunity to address topics such as over-consumption, cultural individualism, and a disregard for the environment from a kinder perspective. And if at the moment we can’t bring you to us, we’re working on how we can send you a little taste of the real thing with socially-distanced online events.

    We are also deeply aware of the devastating effect of this pandemic on tourism. We’ve seen plenty of people loose their jobs and companies struggling to keep afloat. We believe we can be a part of the solution, working together with the communities in which we operate to re-open local tourism in the coming months. With the support from our producers, we’re rethinking how we can open the doors to our little corner of the world in a responsible way to people from near and far.

    And it’s no time to let our heads hang low. We are excited about the future and want to create a spark of positive energy in these trying times. There are plenty of big global challenges to be tackled beyond this pandemic, not least climate change, but we are ready to shape our common future on this planet with an optimistic smile.

    Join us for an unforgettable experience of the culture, flavour, and soul of the German Southwest, with regional culinary highlights and carefully selected wines.

    Two people sitting in a balcony having wine © Diana Weidmann
    15 October 2020 Thoughts

    Wine in the times of Corona

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