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  • Alex cutting grapes © Diana Weidmann Alex cutting grapes © Diana Weidmann

    Oh Sh*t! We started a company
    (in the middle of a pandemic)

    We are Alex and Ana. With a decade-long friendship based on mutual values towards life and work and extensive travel experiences, together and otherwise, we realised there was an opportunity to share with others what we learned along the way.

    We know the power of a good story. We know the joy of sharing that story over a glass of wine with friendly faces. And we know the pleasure of going somewhere new, discovering something not yet seen. By combining the above, we turned our longing for a kinder future into wine tours based around sustainable practices. A future of friendly and small-scale experiences, through sustainable practices in work and life, that inspire, educate, and enable a better connection between people and nature.

    The current pandemic didn’t originate our idea but has shone a further light onto topics such as over-consumption, cultural individualism, and a disregard for the environment, while creating further anxiety about the uncertainty of the future. It is scary to open a business when so many others are struggling, but we saw it as an opportunity to address the topics above from a kinder perspective. We started small from our own little corner, sharing our own experiences of living with little, embracing different cultures, and actively respecting the environment around us.

    And so, over a few glasses of wine, WineStreet was born.

    Picking grapes © Diana Weidmann Picking grapes © Diana Weidmann

    Putting our money where our mouth is

    Despite our combined experience in tourism and business design and development, getting WineStreet up and running felt like a blind tasting between raspy old vinegar and the refreshing sip of a Riesling. We had a few false starts, a concept that evolved the more we worked on it, and learning curves that would leave anyone sweating. Various people helped at various stages and offered various advice, that sometimes we took, and sometimes we should have taken. And perhaps hardest of all: we had to learn to work together without damaging our friendship.

    We invested our own money, we made our own rules, we wrote our own plans. We designed an experience inside and out, taking into account how we would behave internally as a business, as well as how to do so with partners, customers, and the environment and communities around us. We designed it for present and future, thinking ahead towards our own growth, the people we would like to include in our team, the partnerships and opportunities for collaboration, and the experiences that we can develop.

    And while the idea has been well received by partners and customers alike, we are keeping our feet firmly on the ground, aware that our claim for sustainability includes our own economic stability, and not just a green-wash promise to give a few euros to charity. Our first years will mean a lot of hard work, and the profits will most likely be minimal. But we also believe that our impact is more important than a bank account with overflowing money.

    We have also decided to be as transparent as possible about how we run our business, a journey you can follow in our news section. We hope to inspire you not just with the wines and stories from our tours, but with the practices and values that lead to a kinder future for everyone.

    Vineyard post @ Lucie Greiner
    Alex Wittig © Lucie Greiner

    Alex is a youth travel guide and tour operator with a background in political science. He has developed multiple travel concepts around sustainability, youth, and educational travel, and has acted as lead guide for various companies in South Africa. He continued gaining experience with other leading adventure travel companies in Israel, Denmark and the US, working on intercultural learning experiences for young travellers.

    Alex shapes experiences built around people, the environment and the knowledge that nothing exists independently. Spending his 20s in Southern Africa, he fell in love with the abundant nature, vibrant colours of life, and story-telling abilities of locals and travellers from around the world. Now based in Heidelberg, Alex looks forward to offering similar experiences back at home.

    Ana Viegas © Lucie Greiner

    Ana is an experience designer with a strategic and organisational design background in international business contexts. She’s led multidisciplinary teams for large corporate clients, advising them in areas ranging from public mobility, consumer goods, and health tech. With a particular focus on sustainability and human-centred practices, Ana brings a holistic approach to WineStreet, shaping it from the ground up into a responsible business that puts people and the environment at its core.

    Originally from Portugal, her childhood was spent between the city and the countryside, where her grandparents’ vineyards provided the perfect natural playground. And as the Fado sings, "upon the table wine and bread, surely a Portuguese homestead". Ana is keen to open up this warm and friendly tradition to a multicultural sustainable experience.

    close-up of hands with a grape bunch © Lucie Greiner

    An authentic experience with a sustainable approach

    Our responsibility towards people and nature plays a central role at WineStreet, both in the tours we offer, and the partnerships we embrace.

    We strongly believe in practices that focus on natural resources and their impact on local communities. For us, this extends beyond our selection of wine estates with sustainable practices. We take pride in a mutual respect for all our suppliers and friends that help make WineStreet tours an authentic and sustainable experience.

    We also give back where we can. With every guest, we add a little extra support for Lebenshilfe Bad Dürkheim e.V. and the Biosphere Reserve Berntal under the direction of POLLICHIA - Verein für Naturforschung und Landschaftspflege e.V..

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