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  • Winterling and Schloss Schoenberg © Lucie Greiner Winterling and Schloss Schoenberg © Lucie Greiner

    Our partners in crime
    (and wine)

    It all started with a BBQ at a friend’s place, sitting around a fire and chatting about our shared experiences in travel and life. We met people in the wine industry that pointed us towards some young, progressive and open-minded winemakers who are challenging the conventional industry. A keen eye for biodiversity, organic wine cultivation, and the care for nature and community at large stand as the central pillars of their work.

    After many visits, conversations, and observations, we realised how much deeper we wanted to dive into a world where science, craftsmanship, and passion come together. Our partners’ hard work is in all aspects a gentle but fluid technical application of knowledge, paired with a sensitivity towards individuality. As winemaker Alex Pflüger says: “Technology and aesthetics”.

    The value of their work comes out side by side with their respect for the local communities and nature around them. They use local products, short delivery routes, and have personal connections to the producers. This strong sense of community and responsibility is identical to WineStreet’s values and created the basis for our collaboration.

    We want to tell their story and share the incredible progress that has been made in the fields of biodynamic wine cultivation, sustainable agriculture, culinary hospitality, and community involvement.

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    Ana & Alex enjoying a wine picnic with partners in the Palatinate © Lucie Greiner Ana & Alex enjoying a wine picnic with partners in the Palatinate © Lucie Greiner

    Creating a trust-based partnership

    It took a while to meet, speak to, and properly introduce our concept to all the partners we work with. Contrary to common belief, a winemaker is busy all year round. In family-run wine estates, as is the case for most of them, a lot of work is divided between a small number of family members.

    We know good relationships are built around trust and shared experiences, so we persevered. With every visit, every conversation, and every wine tasting excursion, we got to learn more about the people we wanted to work with. We conducted interviews to get to know their individual personalities and to understand their daily work, philosophy and driving energy in creating a better and more balanced world around them.

    Our persistency paid off. We have established a number of partnerships based on mutual respect, open communication, and honest deliberation about critical issues surrounding the wine and tourism industries to arrive at a win-win situation for all parties involved.

    Supporting our community and nature

    As a company, fellow citizens of the region, and hosts of guests from near and far, WineStreet has a direct influence on the nature and the communities we visit. In our eyes, we have a responsibility to contribute to the preservation, support, and acknowledgement of the local people and environment in which we operate. Beyond our direct partners, suppliers, and the people that are a part of making our tours happen, we chose to make a direct contribution to a couple of institutions that are an integral part of the regions.

    Lebenshilfe Bad Dürkheim e.V. supports people with mental and physical disabilities throughout their lives, striving to give them an independent and fulfilling living space within the local community. One of their initiatives is the local vineyard and wine group, established in 1980, with particular attention to organic farming, and the quality of their wines. In their mission "It is normal to be different because each person is unique”, we found an institution with similar values to our own towards a more tolerant, inclusive and sustainable world.

    POLLICHIA – Verein für Naturforschung und Landespflege e.V. has been an active natural history and nature conservation association since 1840, with the specific goals of exploring the country and passing on scientific knowledge. It actively contributes to the preservation and shaping of the local biological living environment together with the state and local communities. We can’t ignore that our tours leave a trace in the environment — we move in natural spaces, regional roads, and local vineyards. But we try to reduce our traces to a minimum, leaving nothing but our footprints, and taking only the memories and pleasure of local wines.

    workers from Lebenshilfe / wild flowers next to vineyards / young sheep grazing between the vines © Melanie Hubach & WineStreet

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