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    We know that if we want to send a message about kindness and sustainability, we need to have our own house in order. This isn’t simply a question of tidying up. WineStreet needs to be built with the right foundation so that we can make sure it will still stand in the long run.

    From the beginning, we set out to create the pillars that would govern WineStreet both inside and out. Where we didn’t know how to proceed, we relied on advice from friends with the right expertise. Concepts we admire and respect helped inform our structures and processes, such as B Corporations, the Gemeinwohl Ökonomie, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

    In the end, we adapted what we learned to design a framework that was right for us. We created our own company from scratch, but we built it on the strong shoulders of others. We made our pillars out of a combination of our own values and the areas we want to impact. And while this framework doesn’t answer all of our questions, it gives us a way to address any aspect of our company, whether big or small, internally and externally, both now and in the future.

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    Our Values

    Choosing company values might seem like an exercise in self-indulgence. One where we claim to be do-gooders, along with so many others, without the pudding to prove it. We even toyed with the idea that our values should spell something funny or interesting. But that wasn’t it. We need our values to reflect the way we think, live, and work, and to be able to use them throughout any aspect of WineStreet. These are the ones we settled on.

    We grow and cherish relationships based on trust.
    We trust that our employees, our partners, and our customers actively share our vision, and that they in turn trust us with providing it.

    Everything we do is approached from a sustainable perspective that enables a positive financial, social and environmental impact, both for ourselves and the people around us.

    We believe openness inspires progress.
    Being open to new perspectives and, in turn, being open to sharing our own experiences, leads to an educational journey that enables us all to grow together.

    We appreciate diversity and acknowledge there are different perspectives in life. Being fair means listening to these perspectives and taking a pragmatic approach to building bridges between them.

    With it all, we don't forget to be kind. To ourselves, the people around us, and to the environment. It makes us empathetic, compassionate, approachable, just as fun, and hopefully connected as better human beings.
    Kindly, just don't be a d***! ;)

    graphic of impact areas © WineStreet graphic of impact areas © WineStreet

    Our Impact Areas

    Likewise, we need to take into account the impact of the work we do. We guide ourselves by common principles of sustainable development and have adopted five impact areas that we actively engage with, measure, and apply each of our values to. Our Impact Areas help us balance our attention between the different aspects of our work, and ensure that we don’t benefit one area at the expense of another.

    We design working policies around our mission, ethics, accountability and transparency, in both a sustainable and profitable way.

    We manage our general environmental impact, and deal with specific topics like petrol or plastic use, sustainability, education of climate change, and our own impact on land and life.

    We contribute to the economic and social well-being of the communities in which we operate, actively working with our partners on topics such as diversity and inclusion, job creation, civic engagement and philanthropy, and supply chain management.

    We take care of WineStreet’s employees’ financial, physical,mental, professional, and social well-being, making sure we pay fair wages, take care of their health and safety, and offer benefits along with educational and professional development opportunities.

    We make sure our offer brings value to our direct customers, ensuring ethical and positive marketing, a concern for their data privacy and security, the warranty and quality assurance of our products and services, always with compassionate communication.

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